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A restaurant, where our passion for great food, fresh local ingredients, and attentive services.

Welcome to Kofuku

Our story

The name KOFUKU represents Happiness, Well-Being, and Fulfilled in Japanese. Having a happier life is something people always strive for. In the past decade, what we’ve learned and experienced from being happy is that no matter how bad our days get, happiness can be found, especially when we consistently try to consciously be happy.

At KOFUKU our mission is to serve each and everyone of our guests happiness with both our mouth-watering dishes and high quality services.

Our highly experienced and passionate Executive Chef Philip has over 20 years experience in preparing Asian food. He worked in high-end hotels and restaurants across Hongkong, Macau, and Japan before relocating to Canada. With his unique cooking style, he focuses on bringing something new and exciting but mouth-watering to local palates.

Kofuku is delighted to offer approachable, modern Asian cuisine with fresh, vibrant, and original flavours. Everything we cook is homemade. We use fresh local produce and cook on order. 


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