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Our Chef

A chef for over two decades, Philip Peng is deeply passionate about preparing and offering the freshest ingredients with modern, vibrant, and original flavours.

Philip Peng grew up in a small beautiful fishing village in Zhuhai, Southern China. Fishing was pretty much the only childhood activities. Having learned to cook in his mother’s kitchen, he made the decision to go to Guangzhou (dream city at that time) to pursue his cooking career in 1998 at the age of 17. With his hard working, passion, dedication and commitment, 5 years later, at age of 22, he became Executive Chef of one of the famous 5 star hotels in Guangzhou China.

His passion and interest in the culinary industry and his adventurous nature brought him to Canada in 2007. He met his wife while working at a popular local Asian restaurant. With a clear vision of what his dream restaurant would be, they soon opened their first restaurant from scratch in 2010, and their culinary journey began in Canada.

Our Restaurant

Kofuku Halifax is fully designed, built, and renovated by our talented chef Philip. The same way as he does his cooking, the whole restaurant is 100% hand made. Every single piece and every single corner is fulfilled with love, thoughts, and details.

All of the staff from Kofuku welcomes you to browse our menu online, and look forward to a visit from you, your friends, and family. We hope you enjoy your dining experience as you explore the delights of Asian food with us.

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